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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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we know this video's hard to see... but tonight, >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> get your hands up, get your hands up. turn around. >> we know the video is hard to see, but tonight, what you are hearing might explain why a bay area police officer put his hand on his gun when he saw a firefighter and his two boys. now the video comes from a camera the cop was wearing. >> christin ayers with what went down at the fire station. >> put the bag down. get your hands up. get your hands up! >> reporter: the video from an officer's chest camera is dark, but it shows an oakland firefighter's tenth encounter with an oakland police officer. >> i'm a firefighter that is my truck. >> reporter: that's the voice of firefighter keith jones. in an interview with kpix5, he told us he was passing his fire
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station when he noticed a door to the station ajar. before he could close it, he and his nine and 12-year-old sons were approached by a cop. >> i'm thinking he is going to shoot me. >> reporter: jones says he worried that he was going to be shot and wondered if race was a factor. >> if i were white, i believe he wouldn't have approached my kids that way. >> reporter: in the video, you can hear jones consoling his son. in a moment, the officer asks for jones' id. he hands it over and the officer apologizes. jones did not return repeated calls and text messages tonight asking for new comments. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> in a statement released have the video, the officer acted within policy and the department has a commitment to transparency. we found out a few hours ago that san francisco police
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arrested a teenager who police believe stabbed a 14-year-old boy to death. the suspected killer is a former classmate of rashawn williams. rashawn williams and his brother went into a mission district store last night to buy some candy. when they came out, rashawn was stabbed in the chest. he had just started classes in sacred heart cathedral. >> that was rashawn delivering a speech in middle school. he had a 4.0 gpa and was signed up for the football team. >> when i found out he didn't survive, i was in tearing. >> reporter: rashawn williams' football coach said there was some sort of a fight on social media and he felt threatened. the name of the boy has not been released. the feds are investigating
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the ferguson police department. this coming after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager. they will look at everything over the past few years. tonight, the big question, will ray mcdonald play in the first regular season team on sunday in should he play? betty yu on what the coach had to say about mcdonald's arrest. >> reporter: he is not rushing to judgment and he reiterated the point that due process takes time. today was the first time harbaugh took questions and it was tense. ray mcdonald stretched in practice with the team today, but we still don't know if he will play in four days and coach harbaugh doesn't know either. when asked who would make the call? >> we will concentrate on who, what who is doing and making the decision. it is what is going to make the
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decision. that's information and fact. >> reporter: harbaugh appeared frustrated with repeated questions about mcdonald and sunday's season opener. >> raise your hand if you are not in favor of due process. got one hand. >> reporter: he also wouldn't talk about mcdonald's mindset. >> as i said, i have known him for three years. i have had many conversations with him. most anything i could say would be positive. but what i'm saying is we owe to everyone involved the respect of due process. >> reporter: nfl commissioner roger goodell today said he won't act rashly to enforce the new domestic violence policy. one that bans players for life after the second offense. >> well, i think the first thing you have to do is let the process play out. get the facts and make sure you understand all the
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circumstances and we don't right now. we are obviously following it very closely. >> jim harbaugh was asked whether he will get all the facts and information by sunday. he says he doesn't know. today, the san jose police department tweeted that mcdonald's case has not been presented to the da's office. as of yet, the detectives are still investigating. >> a long way to go in the due process. >> reporter: that's right. and we will be following it. >> thanks betty. from the niners to the raiders. it is up to the raiders to sign off on a new stadium deal. they say they have everything in place in oakland, they just need the team's approval. it would pave the way for them to bulldoze the coliseum, but taxpayers would be on the hook for $120 million. a group of kids went to a museum in reno for a field trip and ended up in the hospital. they were watching a demonstration on tornadoes.
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then a chemical reaction caused an explosion. 13 people were hurt with minor burns. what happened to cause the chemical explosion, they are not sure yet. a group of people stole a camera from tourists. a few of them tried to hide urn parked carsful officers spotted them there. they eventually get them out and arrest them. the same guys may be responsible for robbing some dutch tourists last week. it's the $5 billion question. where will tesla build its huge new battery factory? tonight len ramirez has the answer. >> reporter: california is still the home of tesla, but the company will announce tomorrow it is going to nevada for the next generation battery factory known as the gigafactory. >> i'm devastated. >> reporter: ted gains delivered a shovel to palo alto last month along with a letter
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to the ceo says california would do what it takes to get a deal done. >> we have been very good to tesla so i'm very frustrated given our history with tesla in terms of what we provided for them. >> reporter: he says it is frustrating that tesla benefited from california subsidies and tax breaks but decided to go out of state to create badly manufacturing jobs. nevada was considered the front runner in a five state sweep stakes for the gigafactory. nevada had started clearing a potential site near reno. the senator lobbied hard for the golden state. >> i'm a big fan of tesla's so i'moverly sorry. i had talked to elan about it and the governor. and i know the governor made a full court press. but apparently, there was just too good a deal in nevada. >> reporter: what nevada offered that california couldn't is still unclear. in palo alto, len ramirez,
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kpix5. >> right now, tesla is not confirming anything. only that they will be in carson city tomorrow for an announcement. president obama says justice will be served against isis militants who have beheaded two u.s. journalists. a memorial was held at the university of central florida where stephen sotloff once attended. he is the second journalist executed in two weeks. >> those who make the mistake of harming americans, we will not forget and reach is long and justice will be served. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice because hell is where they will reside! >> tomorrow the president meets with nato leaders to try to drum up international support for possible strikes against isis in syria. a minor earthquake rattled the peninsula tonight. it was a 2.9 centered just a
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few miles from stanford. imagine having a 30 second heads up that a quake is about to hit. well tonight, ann notarangelo shows us quake scientists all over the world are meeting at cal this week trying to make it happen. [alarm sounding] >> reporter: eight seconds before the napa quake, small group of people knew it was coming. at group in berkeley knew. no one in napa knew. the real test of the evolving earthquake warning is emerging. over the next three days, experts from around the world will discuss how their early warning systems work in japan, europe, and mexico and how to get it running here. >> individuals can do so much to protect their interests. their financial interests. >> with a ten second lead time. we could have taken a 30-mile an hour train and take it it to
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a complete stop and take a 70 miles an hour train and reduce it to 40 miles an hour. >> i think it is long overdue. we have had the technology for years. california needs to move forward. i know $80 million is $80 million, plus or minus, but at the end of the day, this is not only something that can save lives, it can mitigate an substantial amount of damage. >> reporter: $80 million is the initial price tag, but private industry wants to help pay for it if they can prevent hair losses to their businesses. they will save money in the long run. ann notarangelo, kpix5. can you spell oops? this new bay area memorial is getting a lot of attention tonight for all the wrong reasons. who forgot to spell check? >> not this guy. he is only 15 years old but just transferred to cal. his grades aren't that great. what's his secret? ,,
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window of a white pickup --t had just rammed his truck. >> a bizarre case of road rage caught on camera, one driver tries to jump in the driver side of the pickup and rammed his truck. he ends up losing his grip there and watch. he is going to get run over. he is in the hospital tonight. they expect him to survive, but the other driver is still on the run. but he left his bumper behind at the scene. tonight, two men are behind bars for running over and killing a bay point woman. jorge luis perez was behind the wheel. the arrest came after police released this surveillance video of sunday's cash. the pickup veers onto the sidewalk and hit the 50-year-
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old woman. takes out a light pole. perez and his brother tried to hide that truck in bakersfield. now the brother is charged as an accessory. a new memorial in san francisco is getting a lot of attention tonight. it took years to complete so you would think someone would take a minute to spell check right? nope. andria borba shows us the $100,000 mistake. >> reporter: well liz, those mistakes will be fixed within the month out here on castro street at no charge of the people who put them in, in the first place, but they are there right now. on the sidewalk of castro street are 20 point faces in the gay community. it is called the rainbow honor walk. >> i didn't have gray hair when it started. >> reporter: along the
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honorees, tennessee williams. exhibit a, oscar wilde who was apparently known for his bitting wit and christine jorgenson who was so ahead of the transgendered movement, she didn't need the s in her plaque. >> as soon as we knew there was anything less than perfection on the plaques, we called the manufacturer and they said absolutely, we will fix it right away, no problem. >> reporter: 100 grand for the walk and plaques will privately raise and the mistakes will turn out to be a cue. much like a newspaper like dewey defeats truman, these will be auctioned off for the honor walk and the transgendered law center. a minor bump in the road to cementing castro street history. >> just to know that the people who now walk down castro street with walk literally in the path
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of those who walked before us. >> reporter: in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. >> the walk will eventually extend from harvey milk school all the way to the lgbt center at market and octavia. samsung is releasing the galaxy note edge. it gives you a police to put the tool bar without using space on the screen. these guys cannot wait for the new iphone 6. they are already in line. dan benton sent this photo in manhattan this week. the phone does not come out for six more days. >> dedicated. >> indeed. tonight, we met a 15-year- old who couldn't wait to go to college. >> he just transferred to cal as a jr. his grades are just so- so. how did he do it? joe vasquez tells us. >> i'm not a genius.
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or anything. >> reporter: sage ryan just turned 15 15 and he is already a junior at uc berkeley. >> people are like are you doogie howser or anything? >> reporter: years ago, he appeared on america's gottal leapt. now in a story that seems out of hollywood, he managed to skip high school and go into his third year of college. >> legally, i was home schooled. according to government, i was home school, but taking classes at west la college. online at citrus college. >> reporter: he said he realized early on the traditional school wasn't for him so starting at the age of 11, his mom signed him up for community college classes with no age requirements. that led to ucla extension classes and it is as simple as this. he had enough credits to transfer as a junior in cal. he is majoring in theater. >> if anyone told you you were
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cheating the system, what would you say? >> i didn't cheat. hack is the word my mom used. it is not cheating the system, but it is looping the system in a way that, you avoid all the stuff that does not need to be put in education. >> reporter: sage's mom is a career educator. it took a lot of digging online and a lot of persistence to hack the system as she calls it, but now she counsels other families to do the same. in cal berkeley, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> this story is amazing. a seven week old baby boy is melting hearts around the world tonight. >> he was born with severe hearing loss in both ears but watch his reaction. doctors give him his first hering aid and he hears his parent's voices for the first time. >> well hello! hello! hi!
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hello! >> hi! >> he's smiling! >> wow, unbelievable. baby lockland is grinning from ear to ear. his family lives in australia. though it happened two years ago, it was posted on the internet two days ago. it has been viewed more than a million times. lockland is two now and has been working with therapists at a language center for the deaf. >> now he is telling his parents can you just be quiet for a while? [ laughter ] >> oh, the look on his face was just unbelievable. all of a sudden it just clicked. >> he gets it. >> there. >> that was excellent. our weather, a little different today. >> yes it was. >> the fan is turned on strong from the ocean and we cool down and it is cloudy and as soon as the wind direction changes or gets a little weaker, our weather is so sensitive around here. we have the fog and the low cloud cover encompassing san francisco bay. but it will not push far inland. the on shore flow will not be
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as strong. concord, you are clear, 60 degrees. fog around san francisco, oakland, redwood city, upper 50s . have you heard? hasn't rained in a while. 132 days since the last widespread rainfall on april 26. yes, i know it is our dry season, but we could use rain soon and this particular forecast calls for cloud cover in san leandro, but no rain and plenty of afternoon sunshine. really nicewet tore get outside. 77 tomorrow. 78 coming up friday. so a change today, albeit a subtle one, low pressure moving out, high pressure moving in gives us less of the on shore flow. more sunshine, more sunshine means warmer weather and that continues for the next couple of days. there is a hurricane, a significant storm off the coast of baja, california, this will bring rainfall to perhaps los angeles, san diego, las vegas, phoenix, tons of tropical moisture may impact their weekend. won't make it as far north as here. we will see cloud cover coming
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from the hurricane sunday and monday, but no rain. not even a hurricane could get us rainfall. a little warm earn tomorrow because we will be sunnier. and temperatures near average all the way through the weekend. what is average in 87 in concord, tomorrow, 88. 83 in san jose, that is where you will be tomorrow. cupertino, 86. it will be a sunny day in san ramon. pittsburgh 90, upper 80s for pleasant hill. san rafael, 82. 86 your high tomorrow for windsor. through the weekend, we stay warm inland. mild near the bay. highs in the 70s . it will be cloudier sunday and monday. the only fly in a very dry seven-day ointment. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and bit the dog. the dog is going to be okay, but the snake escaped. >> a neighbor comes walking over, do you guys own a pet cobra? did you just say cobra? >> i thought it was a piece of rope. then i thought that is not a piece of rope. it's a snake. >> that's a cobra. animal control officers are hunts for the snake's owner in california, you need a permit to keep a cobra. either the as or the giants slither their way out of the defeat? i'm dennis o'donnell. burning the midnight oil at the open next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was a painful >> looks like we got a little history in the making. the u.s. open, andy murray tied at 3-3. novak sends him all over the court. this match didn't end until 1:00 local time in new york. he reaches the semis for the eighth straight year. tom watson enjoyed the other u.s. open, serena williams becomeing the first woman to win three straight open titles
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since the 70s . semifinal match, the as picked up jon lester. bottom of the 4th inning, forget about crowning him. adam dunn took him deep. 460 second career home run. and second since joining the as . get used to the home run tunnel right there. jon lester gave up two home runs in the seventh and here comes corey hart. lester takes the loss. king felix 4-0 against the as and seattle wins 2-1. well this woman may have been the only person who felt lonelier than ryan vogelsong this year at coors field. he gave up a career high four home runs. nolan arenado put colorado on top for good. corey dickerson followed that with another shot. the rockies win 9-2.
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michael sam picked up by dallas and said this is not a publicity stunt. sam begins the top five. >> did you not watch my preseason? >> yeah i did. >> did it look like i was slow? >> no. >> taken 96 years, an extra four hours nothing. he beats stan in five sets to become the first japanese man ever to advance to the semis. but up next, jocavic. nathan pluml. team usa blew after dominican republic. >> he lives in tampa, too. >> the game was indoors. number one play of the night, this might be the closest the orioles come to slipping down the stretch. caleb joseph. have a nice trip, see you next fall.
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but he was humorous. he said i have some cushion in the buttocks area as forrest gump would say. >> he is lucky he didn't hit his name. >> i believe that would be butttocks. [ laughter ] >> run forest, run. >> let's run to a break real quick! [ laughter ]
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helper. make it yours. available at your local safeway store. tomorr >> david letterman is next. >> our next newscast bright and early in the morning, 4:30.
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>> a great night. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across th and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs and now, a silly millimeter longer, david letterman.


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